Noon seminar

The informal research seminar of the ALGO group. Talks last roughly 25 minutes, with five extra minutes allocated for discussion. Many presentations are focused on recent conference presentations, or practice talks for upcoming conferences. New members are often asked to give an overview of their field of research. Talks given by invited speakers may take up to 45–60 minutes including questions.

To be kept up-to-date about noon seminar presentations, please subscribe to the algoseminar-l mailing list.

COVID-19 note Some of the talks are currently conducted via Zoom. To avoid abuse, we do not distribute the join links publicly. To make the links appear in the list below, make sure you are signed in. Alternatively, you can find the join link in the announcement email.

Before 2015, schedules were static HTML pages and therefore look different. We archived them for completeness and make them available here.